Writer’s Wheel Magazine Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth midsummer issue of Writer’s Wheel, the FREE online creative writing magazine from Compass Books.

In this issue N. E. David discusses the changing character of literary fiction and challenges the assumption of whether it is necessary for a piece of literature to be meaningful or whether we should not simply enjoy a book for the sake of the story itself rather than its effect. Creative writing teacher Emma Segar talks about disliking the idea that creative writing courses should be an opportunity to bask in the presence of genius. How talent is not infectious and how learning and teaching requires hard work, no matter how much natural aptitude the teacher or students start out with. And regular contributor Simon Whaley observes that writing is a bit like speed-dating. If we’re not flirting with publishers and agents, then we’re seducing editors with our ideas and readers with our passion for words. The trouble is, we really should take the more professional approach. After all, corny chat-up lines could have editors and publishers remembering us for all of the wrong reasons. Find out how to take the more professional approach in The Dating Game.

Also in this issue, Sharon Boothroyd tells us the Secret to Competition Success and How to Set Up an Online Writing Group, and we have an interview with our very own Writer’s Wheel team member, successful author Sarah-Beth Watkins. We also have the final instalment of our short fiction series Hera Pan by Helen Noble. As well as three further fabulous short stories, we have Jennifer Copley to thank for this issue’s poetry collection.

Writer’s Wheel has been compiled for the benefit of both readers and writers, and if there’s anything you’d like to see featured just fill in the form with your suggestions at Writer’s Wheel. You can also contact us in the first instance if you wish to submit articles on the writing process, short stories or poetry.

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Writers Wheel Magazine Issue 6 Midsummer 2015

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