To Krystina Kellingley.

I am reviewing this now, and I find your editing touch just superb. I have been writing since I was five, published for the first time at 17, and professionally since I was in my 20′s. This book was my first attempt at a novel. I started this in 2004, but it started out as two books that I somehow managed to combine into one.

It is a book that is in many ways off the beaten track. It takes a discerning eye and mind to even understand it; it defies an easy analysis and cannot be read quickly. So this was nine drafts in ten years, and I have a lot invested in this one, something I am sure you have heard before.

Furthermore, you have to understand that I have been a lawyer for 17 years and I give advice for a living. I ran small businesses for years before that and am more accustomed to giving orders than to taking them.

However, I am grateful that every rare now and then, a person comes along whose insight and talent demands not only that I listen, but follow her lead. Your initial straightforward comments told me what I needed to do here, and they forced me to look at this book with more of an editor’s eye than a writer’s eye. The heartless slashing and burning of redundant, weak language which followed, and which you advised, greatly improved this novel, and your kind comments tell me I achieved what you wished me to and what I needed to. Further, your judicious and thoughtful touch on this seems just picture perfect. I feel very lucky to have you working on this and I wanted to express my appreciation.

My second book is also being released this summer and it will be one book a year from here on in, I suppose (I am working on three others simultaneously now in varying states of completion). I want you as my personal editor on them all, so tell me if you are available for such future tasks and what you need to do so.

Again, my thanks for all of your assistance

David I Aboulafia - Visions Through a Glass, Darkly.

I wholeheartedly recommend Krystina Kellingley as a mentor. After I signed a contract with John Hunt Publishing, I elected to work with Krystina on a monthly basis to refine the writing on my young adult science fiction manuscript. Before seeking mentorship, I’d work-shopped my manuscript, had numerous reader critiques, edited and rewrote on my own for years. All of these processes were helpful, but during my time with Krystina I grew faster than any other experience. She perceptively diagnosed issues that made my writing inaccessible to the reader and she offered practical strategies for me to address them. Many of her critiques revealed my ‘blind spots’, problems that I did not notice on my own. I also felt that aside from excelling as a teacher, she took a personal interest in my progress as a writer.  I remain grateful for her wealth of invaluable advice.

Sarah Bergstrom, author of Desert Dwellers Born By Fire.

Mentoring has been an absolutely invaluable help in getting my book ready for publishing.  It can be difficult to spot mistakes and even trickier to know how to change them, but Maria Moloney is excellent at doing both! It’s clear how much work she puts into the edits, and I liked how she explained her reasons for changing things so that I knew how to correct similar errors later on. Thank you!

Mary Johnson author of Boundary

I felt very lucky to have Krystina Kellingley as my editor and mentor. She is a sensitive and intuitive professional with broad vision and a huge knowledge in creative writing.

Krystina is a visionary who has the ability of traveling deeply inside the story as if she were one of the characters. All this ensures a high quality on her work.

F. T. Camargo, author of Shanti and the Magic Mandala.