Submission Guidelines


Writer’s Wheel magazine is looking for articles (we prefer 750 or 1500 words, though we sometimes go outside these word estimates), writing tips (up to 350 words) and good poetry, and short stories (1000-2500 words).

We publish articles that offer good practical advice on the writing process, publishing process or book promotion, and prefer those that don’t plug the author’s book throughout (odd references to own works are fine). We sometimes do include one or two promotional articles for those published by John Hunt Publishing. We will publish live links at the end of the article or any other information the writer wants to give such as bio (please add this info to the article or it may get missed). Please do also send author photo or any other photos that may enhance the articles as long as it’s copyright free.

We might sometimes turn down an article if it doesn’t suit or is not well written (though we do a proofread and also suggest corrections if there are more than the usual typos), this doesn’t mean we won’t accept further submissions.

We’re sorry but we can’t offer payment for articles as the magazine is a free resource and the editorial and design team are volunteers.

Submissions Deadline (latest)

Mid-March (mid-spring edition April)

Mid-June  (midsummer edition July)

Mid-September  (mid-autumn edition October)

Mid-December  (midwinter edition January)

Please contact us here in the first instance.

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