One-to-one Mentoring on manuscript and writing skills:

option a. Four hours in a month via email £35/$58 per hour.

option b. Five hours in a month, including one hour on Skype £40/$66 per hour.

Both payable in advance, and extendable.  More on this service below.


Whether you are just starting out, or have been struggling to get into print, this service will help you to realize your goal. Many authors do not realise where their weaknesses lie. They know their writing is missing something but are at a loss as to what to do about it. Sadly, as a result, they often abandon their work, even when it has great potential.

Our mentoring package will provide you with a personalized program of development, which will introduce you to the industry and enable you to learn the skills necessary to become a polished and published writer. Every author has a unique voice and style, and our editors will work hard to ensure that mentoring will preserve and polish this uniqueness. We will at all times listen to your input and concerns about your own writing process.

  • An editor specializing in your genre/subject area will work closely with you on a one to one basis to strengthen your writing skills and ensure that your book maximizes its potential. You will be set challenges to boost your writing confidence and constructive criticism will enable you to recognize and improve existing strengths and weaknesses.
  • We will suggest books that will be helpful to you for those skills you particularly need to improve and enhance, such as dialogue, characterization or sense of place.
  • On option b, there will be a once a month Skype tutorial, during which time any problems within the project will be addressed and guidance and support given.