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Writer’s Wheel is taking a break for a few months owing to work commitments. It is a voluntary effort and a free magazine. Meantime do take a look at our Compass Books Facebook page and blog for lots of writing tips. 

Writer’s Wheel, is a FREE online creative writing magazine. Just like all creative writing mags, WW offers a broad overview of  what is required by editors and publishers in the publishing industry. You will find a deverse range of articles written for writers by writers. We also have a few advantages over a lot of hardcopy and other on-line writers’ mags in that both editors have a wide range of experience in editing magazines, tutoring creative writing courses, and are publishers in their own right within the multi-faceted stable of John Hunt Publishing.


The Compass Books Blog (click here)

Compass Books blog we hope will give a  ‘writer’s club’ feel to what we are doing. It was Juvenal in his Satires, who coined the phrase cacothes scribendi – referring to the compulsion to write – that is, to become a published writer. That is the goal we set for ourselves and is something we pursue relentlessly through the years – never losing the belief that one day, we will see our book in print.

Compass Books authors have done just that. They have persevered and achieved their goals, but better than that, most have also taught their subject at writers’ workshops, holidays and via structured courses. They have been willing to share their experiences via Compass Books with those who have the same goals, in the hope that their success will help those who follow on behind.

Writer’s Wheel is affiliated with Compass Books (practical books for authors), an imprint of John Hunt Publishing.